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Custom Paneling

Free Standing Paneling

Transform your space into something amazing. These panels were custom made for a wedding.  They were used to split up the ballroom into foreground and background, allowing the wedding party to enter the room in style.  The clients used back lighting to make the panels pop!

Wall Hung Paneling

Panels are a great way to turn a boring wall into something special.  It is also affordable. For this project we took a standard sheet of plywood that cost $50 and turned it into a priceless piece of art.

Organic Flowing Panels

These organic panels can turn any surface into something visually appealing.  Whether it is a floor, a wall, a ceiling or a combination of all three, the sky is the limit.  These panels can also be used as table tops, just cover them with glass.

Sizing ranges from single panels to a full grid with multiple connected panels.  This is great when you want to cover very large surfaces at reasonable prices.

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