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Interiors/ Buildout

Rec Philly/ Live Nation

REC is a co-working space collaboration with Live Nation that exists to empower independent creators in music, media and more.  Philadelphia CNC worked with them to design and build a wide range of store front products and installations.  

We created modular, custom pegboards where they could hang and display merchandise.  We also built a one of kind reception desk that mimicked their round logo.  

We continue to work with them producing a range of custom art pieces for the in house performance space. 

Suzani Restaurant

According to the owners, the design of this restaurant "reflects the secret meanings of thousand-year-old suzani patterns as seen in hand-embroidered carpets made mainly in Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Iran. " 

Philadelphia CNC replicated these patterns to give this space an amazing facelift.  We CNCed this design on several pink foam panels.  These panels were then plastered, painted, and hung up.  By doing this were were able to turn a very cheap material into a priceless wall feature.

Bourse Food Hall

The Bouse Food Hall is an amazing space in Old City, Philadelphia with multiple unique food stalls.   It was important that these projects stood out amongst the rest.

We made a custom bar top and panelling for Taps Fill Station that highlighted the companies red and white color scheme.

We also worked on a fusion food concept called TaKorean. For this project we created a menu wall out of MDF that mimicked cinderblocks but also acted as a privacy screen for the kitchen.

Uncle Bobby's Coffee and Books

Uncle Bobby's isn't your average cafe.  It's a great place to spend the day, relax and read.  This was the vibe we created with the many wood accents we incorporated into this space.  The service counters were made with reclaimed wood giving the space a modern yet rustic feel.  The shelves were made with live edge lumber which we get from specialized vendors out in Lancaster County, PA. Finally we solved the book storage issue by creating a massive custom shelving wall.

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