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Prototyping and Production

Barnes Foundation/ SHIFT Design

Simple yet elegant.  These "Rambler Benches" take a standard bench design and turn it on its head.  Combining bent steel with wood makes them look industrial yet approachable.  These benches were a collaboration with Shiftspace Design and can be seen outside of one of Philadelphia's most unique art museums, The Barnes Foundation.

iHeart Radio Music Award

This award was an early production run made of white oak. The finished product would eventually be made out of metal.  Using a flip molding technique we were able to send the client an exact mockup of what the final award would look like without them having to invest in expensive metal molds.  This saved them money and time.  We are proud that were able to contribute to the iHeart Radio music award show in Las Vegas and get our creation in the hands of some extremely talented celebrities. 

Dupont Lids

We don't always fully know the scope of a project until we dive into it.  This project for Dupont posed some interesting challenges that our team was able to overcome.  These large lids were milled down from 1.25" polycarbonate.  We removed more than 50% of the material to leave a complex shape that was much lighter.  By adding a grid in the material we ensured that the parts were thin but were also very strong.

This early prototyping will surely lead to various iterations that can be tested and improved upon.

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