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Historic Replication

Skyland Manor

This government funded project posed a very unique challenge.  The estate was built in 1920s and was put onto the historic registry in 1990.  We were tasked with replicating hand carved spindles and moldings .  Originally these parts were made by artisans and boasted reliefs of birds, leaves, and grapes.  However, the parts were badly weathered.

We set to work 3d scanning the boards on a 40ft boom lift, we then edited the 3D files to eliminate the damage.  After this we tracked down rare reclaimed white oak we were able to replicate the parts on the CNC machine.


Manhole Cover

The name of the vibrant neighborhood of East Passayunk, in Philadelphia, was derived from the Lenape phrase translating to "in the valley".  The history lives on in these beautiful manhole covers originally installed by the Passayunk Avenue Revitalization Corporation (PARC).

Our client saw these pieces as works of art and wanted to recreate them.  We 3d scanned the object, which gave us accurate dimensions down the a millimeter.  We then CNC routed the replicas and collaborated with AK Customs to finish them with a special metal paint that over time will patina.  

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